Retirement is not an ending. It’s a beginning.

We spend more time planning a vacation than planning for our retirement. While we may invest considerable time worrying about our financial future, we often fail to consider the other aspects of our lives that will be impacted by this transition:

  • If you stop working work, where will you find a new sense of purpose?
  • What will you do with all of your free time?
  • How will your relationships with friends and family change?
  • Will you be able to create structure, direction, and meaning in your life?
  • How will you reconcile differences with your spouse about retirement goals?
  • How will you engage to pinpoint areas of concern around your future and help identify differently with your community?
  • How will you learn to embrace change?

While concern over having enough money to enjoy life is vitally important, it holds little meaning if you have not given thought to what that life will actually look like.

Sometimes we avoid thinking about change because the process feels too difficult. Or we may be having the conversation in our heads, but we are unable to turn our ideas into action. If only we had the resources and support to help us move through this transition – and realize our dreams of an exciting and satisfying “second chapter.”

As a Certified Retirement Coach, this is exactly what I help clients do.

Whether you are five or ten years away from retirement,actively planning for it, or already retired, you may benefit from the services of a retirement coach.Statistics show that within two years after retiring, many individuals will encounter issues if they have not clearly defined this phase of their lives.

Coaching empowers you to discover what is truly important and create a plan for positive change. I use in-depth assessment tools topinpoint areas of concern around your future andhelp identify your ideal “happy retirement” options. Collaborating closely with you, I offer insight, support, and guidance for finding your personal path towards a meaningful future.

If you are committed to developing a realistic and actionable blueprint for living the life you choose, I can provide the structure you may be missing as well as the accountability you may need.So you can retire TO something – not FROM something.