Meet Renee

As a Board Certified Coach and psychotherapist, I help people move forward with their lives and create paths that lead to new possibilities.

After earning my Masters Degree from New York University, I established a successful psychotherapy practice. Throughout my 30-year career, I have focused on deepening my understanding and engaging in ongoing training and education. I integrated a variety of tools into my practice, and developed a highly individualized and collaborative approach to partnering with clients to help them attain their goals.

Coaching was a natural professional progression for me. I pursued training, becoming a Retirement Coach Specialist through Retirement Options and a Certified Facilitator through 2Young2Retire. As a Board Certified Coach and Certified Wellness Coach, my simple but powerful goal is to help clients live their lives well. The knowledge and experience I have gained as a therapist has proven to be invaluable in my work as a life coach. Learn more about my psychotherapy practice: www.therapyandcoaching.com


Over the past few years, I have begun to realize that planning for my own retirement is something I am not entirely prepared for. It’s clear that many of my coaching clients are struggling with this major life transition as well. They grapple with questions like: Should they keep working or not? What would they do with their free time? How will they create a vibrant and satisfying social life? Where could they find purpose and add value to the lives of others?


That’s why I launched Chapter-2-logo

I became a Certified Retirement Coach in order to support individuals and couples in need of guidance to define the retirement lifestyle they want. I specifically help clients design strategies and implement exciting, realistic and fulfilling plans for this “second chapter” of their lives.

Retirement is a very personal thing. Using targeted assessment tools and providing insight and encouragement, I help clients look beyond the financial aspects of retirement and gain a deeper understanding of who they are and how their personal circumstances impact their transition. Together we create a roadmap to ensure that the next phase of their lives is meaningful and rewarding.

I invite you to consider me as your personal resource for planning the retirement of your dreams – and living life to the fullest.



WORKSHOPS: Whether you are the leader of a community organization looking for a speaker or a corporation looking to offer retirement resources and guidance,  I am available to customize presentations and workshops just for you.  I am here to help members of  the community and employees navigate and contemplate a more engaged, energized, and productive retirement. As a trained workshop facilitator, I am able to provide information and prompt lively discussion around all of the topics of a fulfilling retirement that include personal development, family relationships, leisure and social activities, and health and wellness.